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Submit your order, get the writer assigned, and receive an excellent essay. In brief, that is how our scheme works. On the whole, MasterPapersOnline.Com is a website, developed specifically for university students who need only Master’s or Ph.D. level works. It is logical that we do not allow Bachelors, foreign freelance writers, or inexperienced authors to take the orders.

Strict selection process of this custom writing service is the key to its success. Each candidate has to submit and outstanding CV with a detailed cover letter in order to catch an eye of our HRs. Second, he or she has to pass a tricky multiple-choice test to see English language proficiency. Then, based on the test score (no less than 90% expected), we send a test essay instruction. Only after checking all of these exams, our HR managers send an interview invitation. A corresponding person is making sure the candidate is really worth trusting students’ assignments via phone or Skype session. Applicant’s training never stops if he gets the position. Our company tries to go in one leg with the time, so it creates a need to coach the personnel. Any rule break like late order or poor quality (grammar mistakes or plagiarized content) – and we terminate cooperation with the writer.

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We can assure you that we rarely have any problems with our staff. In any case, a customer may feel safe: there is always an opportunity to have your paper revised or finished by another writer for no additional fee. Your order won’t suffer anyway. To make you feel more confident, we would like to remind about money-back guarantee.

While it is easy to find writers to accomplish a high school essay or college research paper, it is crucial to pick an expert for such complicated assignments as term paper or dissertation. Personal statement is another type of responsible assignment as your educational future may depend on it. These conditions forced us to establish one more custom essay writing service a few years ago. Our best writers transferred to this company to compose Master-level papers for students who want to improve their performance.

Our writing services specialize in approximately 80 disciplines. You can be sure that our competence covers all subjects from your curriculum. If the topic is too narrow and you cannot find information on the web, don’t hesitate to contact us. First, our authors possess a free access to the largest online library full of academic journals, scientific articles, and textbooks. Second, they are great researchers who can find whatever you need for the highest score. Finally, they have a lot of information in their head, so every customer obtains an original and yet objective discussion.

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You will be pleased by the way each chapter of your dissertation will be designed. If your order papers in APA style, our authors will develop an abstract absolutely for free. Also, we include an outline or table of contents for each dissertation. Students don’t have to download templates any more – just have a look at our custom essays to learn everything about relevant paper formats.

At last, you might worry about the urgency of your order. Some tutors assign difficult assignments when there is no that much time left. It is impossible to handle 20-page coursework or research paper in one evening. Besides, students have to sleep well. Ordering custom essays online is the only sober solution. Don’t panic if you think you’re late: we have writing maniacs in our team who are capable of composing a lengthy essay in 8-24 hours. It is true that an urgent order will cost a bit more, but it is the most reliable and effective way to save a day. Even one paper can have a great impact on your GPA. That’s why it is better to submit academic pieces worth of the highest possible grade.

To sum up, all you have to do to get a professional custom essay is to fill our Order Form and process the payment via one of the comfortable payment systems (PayPal, Payoneer, etc.) You may also attach any files you consider important. Don’t forget to mention the preferred paper format, course name, topic, level, and urgency. As soon as we receive your payment, the writer who fits your requirements starts working on your order. Contact him or her regarding any matter through our online message board. There is a customer support team as well. The call-centre is available 24 hours, 7 days per week. Our company is waiting for your requests!

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