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How We Work

Cooperating with means working with real professionals. The first step of the process is providing us with the details of your order. Obviously, this is the core aspect of ordering a paper at a writing service. However, we did our best to make this process as fast and simple as possible.

We know that you do not have too much time to fill in long and boring forms, therefore we have made the ordering process painless and clear. The ordering form is designed as drop-down menus for you to choose the following information:

  • The subject of your paper;
  • Your topic, if you have any (if not – our writers will suggest a great one for you);
  • Paper length;
  • Your deadline;
  • The number of sources you need;
  • Formatting style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, or other);
  • The academic level (High School, College, Master’s, Ph.D.).

Your contact information

Along with paper details, you should provide your contact information to let our Customer Support team contact you if your writer asks for any clarifications. You don’t have to provide your college name or your surname. We ask for information needed to give you a call in a case of emergency. Please mention that our service are confidential, and we guarantee that your personal information is kept private.

The writing process

Once the order form is completed, you are assigned to work with one of our writing experts. We provide you with a writer who has Master’s or Ph.D. degree in your particular subject. Thus, you can be sure that you will be paired with the most qualified expert, who will certainly handle your project with ease.

Your writer will work on his/her own, or you can be a part of the writing process. You can contact your helper and discuss paper details with him/her to make sure that your paper is tailored just the way you need it to be. The benefits of being able to contact your writer directly are numerous: you can track the progress, send him/her additional materials, and give recommendations to make sure that great work will be completed. Moreover, this may help you to learn from the best academic writing experts in the real time!

Once your assignment is done, you are welcome to look through your paper and check whether it meets your requirements. Evaluate your work carefully and if you need some amendments to be done – just ask our team for a revision. Our writers and editors will revise your paper for free as many times as needed until you are satisfied. Please remember that we provide free unlimited revisions of your work withing two weeks after order delivery only if you have quality complaints or if we have failed to meet your initial instructions. If you have to change your initial instructions, you should pay additionally for a revision.

Get your paper

When the paper is done, and you are completely happy with it, you will be able to download it from your personal account and hand it to your professor.

As you can see, the ordering and writing process at is simple as A, B, C. A few minutes of filling the order form, a short while to get an assignment done, and – voila! Your paper is ready. No stress, no sleepless nights, no boring topics. Just place your order with us now and enjoy your free time!

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